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tylorva's Journal

19 March 1977
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Updated bio! Woot!

So, apparantly I am like Madonna - I keep reinventing myself. After careers in nuclear engineering, online game management and IT programming, I have now embarked on a PhD project for the University of Surrey, looking into degradation of heatshield materials for spacecraft. Good stuff. :)

I am still a fanatical RPGer, half of the UK larp-writing group Wylde Deluzion, and also one of the founder/refs of the WH40K larp Death Unto Darkness. I am slowly writing my own RPG - the infamous 'Landston', a gritty dark fantasy socio-political game with a huge emphasis on interaction rather than game systems.

I also do lots of historical re-enactment, as as far as we are aware I am the only female Roman legionary in the country.

I like chocolate, but rarely have any these days.